(Top photo shows the first look at the embroideries laid together prior to stitching)

This set was inspired by a Puginesque (A.W. Pugin) style set the deacon (now Father) wished to have made and expanded for his First Mass.

This may be the most complex set we've made yet. It encompassed 110 hand embroideries (the table below shows only a fraction!) Meticulously positioned embroidery worked across the surface of a fabric in a symmetrical repeat like this is called "powdering". You must absolutely think through every possible detail from start to finish of your pattern cutting before you begin the embroidery as there is no going back once the powdering is done!

The sumptuous details of this set include silk thread Tudor roses in a Trinitarian motif -- the chasuble alone includes 120 roses in its' 40 bouquets. The fleur d' lys and crowned IHS hand embroideries worked on blood-red velvet utilize a variety of metal threads, cords and techniques to accomplish their richness. These also include pearl adornments.

The wonderful priest who commissioned this set truly pushed the limits and we are elated with the result -- a gorgeous gothic set in a traditionally dignified and rich English look. A timeless beauty.