A very wonderful Monsignor from Bath, PA greatly desired a violet conical set in the style of St. Thomas à Becket. While you will certainly recall Chaucer’s famous pilgrimage stories of “Canterbury Tales”, you may not remember that this great saint suffered a very brutal martyrdom while Archbishop of Canterbury in the 12th Century.

We did a lot of research together to insure the details were as authentic as possible to the ancient set, which is still amazingly preserved at Sens. The “hood” and chest detail are hand embroidered in a motif which was called “the flower” in its time. As it was customary for gemstones to be incorporated into this mass of tendrils, we included both pearls and garnets. The damask is Winchester (a very rich red-brown dark purple). I hope to add photos of its use in the Mass later so you can see the graceful folds of this ancient chasuble design.